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5/19/2024 - Rezone Request - to be heard 6/12/2024 by P&Z


5/19/2024 - Notice for PROPOSED BUDGET


4/7/2024 - Notice of ERU Modification



08/26/2023 - Notice regarding Early Voting


7/19/2023 and 7/23/2023 - Public Works Employment Ad


4/1/2023 - NOTICE for REZONE for PUD (downtown parkway)




6/7/2023 - REQUEST FOR BIDS on Emerald Cove Correction paving


6/3/2023 - PUBLIC HEARING on 2023-2024 BUDGET


6/3/2023 - PUBLIC HEARING on Reliant Septic Variance and the Walnut Grove Bed & Breakfast Zoning changes (text)


5/31/2023 - CANCELLED Budget Hearing Notices for June 1, 2023 Rescheduled to June 12 and June 29, 2023.
See new NOTICE attached below.


5/10/2023 - Planning & Zoning Called Meeting


04/22/2023-PUBLIC HEARINGS - BUDGET to be heard on May 11 and June 8, 2023 with a vote by council on June 8. (See notices above where the Public Hearings and voting dates were revised)


04/15/2023 PUBLIC HEARING - Land Development Amendment to be heard on May 18, 2023


04/15/2023 PUBLIC HEARING -Text amendment to Article IX of Zoning Ordinance to be held May 18, 2023


04/12/2023 & 04/15/2023 EMPLOYMENT AD - CITY CLERK


04/13/2023 Public Hearing with Council for Rezone of Forest Glen (see documents dated 2/22/2023 below for more info)


04/13/2023 Public Hearing with council for Driveway Variance on Forrester Cemetery Road (see 2/11/2023 elow for more info)


03/15/2023 Rezone for downtown area-Public Hearing 4/20/2023


03/15/2023 Variance for Residential Sewer-Public Hearing 4/20/2023


02/22/2023 Ordinance Revision to Article III and IV of the Zoning Ordinances covering DEFINITIONS and ZONING DISTRICTS - -PUBLIC HEARING MARCH 16, 2023 7:00 PM with P&Z


02/22/2023 - Rezoing of the Forest Glen Area from R-2 to R-3 PUBLIC HEARING MARCH 16, 2023 7:00 PM with P&Z


02/18/2023 Sign Ordinance Revision - READINGS ON APRIL 13, 2023 and MAY 11, 2023 at 7:00 PM


02/11/2023- Driveway Variance Request - PUBLIC HEARING, MARCH 16, 2023 7:00 PM with P&Z


02/03//2023 - Park Street City Garage Deck Construction Project


01/25/2023 NOTICE - Regular Election

  • Newspaper Notice
  • Note: The vacant seat will be filled via this election rather than having a special election,


01/14/2023 NOTICE- Rezone Public Hearing for 2/16/2023 with P&Z RE: Office/Warehouse

ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS provided by the City of Walnut Grove

  1. Application
  2. Overall Site Plan
  3. Site Plan Rendering
  4. Exhibit B - Tract Info
  5. Site Map - Tract C.2.0
  6. Site Plan - C-2.1
  7. More Tract Info
  8. Deed-Estate to Applicant
  9. Deed-Church to Applicant
  10. Legal Description
  11. qPublic Report 24.10 Acres
  12. qPublic Report 24.15 Acres


Information from the City Website




08/18/2022 - Variance Public Hearing


7/21/2022 - New Published Notice on Rezone Below

7/21/2022 & 8/11/2022-New Dates

Rezone AG to MI
11+ Acres OFF Hwy 81


3/17/2022 & 4/14/2022 - Ordinance change proposals

2/17/2022-Variance-to permit modular building at Church


10/7/2021-ReZone-AG to PUD
10/14/2021 with council

10/7/2021-ReZone-AG to C2
10/14/2021 with council

10/7/2021-ReZone AG to OI
10/14/2021-with council


09/23/2021-ReZone-AG to C-2



09/23/2021-ReZone-AG to PUD

7/22/2021-Variance Request-Sewage